Golf tips

To play golf safely during the Covid-19 pandemic (Part 1)

If they are careful to protect themselves and follow the instructions, the golfer can still carry the club. This expert is also a golfer, comes from a family of father, husband and children playing golf.

Dr. Catherine Troisi concurred with the idea. She is an epidemiologist for infectious diseases at the Texas State University Health Sciences Center. According to Dr. Cawcutt, there are eight things to keep in mind on the pitch for golfers.

For the golfer

Add the antiseptic solution to the bag and use it regularly, at least 20 seconds at a time – it takes just the same amount of time to make a stroke. If your hands are dirty, do not touch your face or mouth as they may contain nCoV.

At the tee, fairway or on the green, follow the “social distancing” slogan, which is the technical terminology in epidemiology with a minimum distance of 1.8 meters. With this distance, the golfer is out of range for viral infections in airborne diseases.

With sticks

Wipe the stick and bag club in contact with the tram used to move on the field, cleaning the handle. Do not use hire sticks.

With the ball

After each ball picking, the golfer should clean their hands – the action can be considered “silly” at peace, but important in the season. This does not take much time because it can be done while sitting in the tram.

And when you hit the ball into the forest, the golfer should go and find his right ball and then hand hygiene or accept “a bit expensive”. There will be people who want to pick up the derelict, but then, don’t touch your mouth with your hand.

With gloves

It is also advisable to use disinfectant solution for gloves although golfers will feel uncomfortable because of the grip grip.