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English golfer Callum Shinkwin won his first European Tour title

English golfer Callum Shinkwin won his first European Tour title after beating rival Kalle Samooja in a dramatic final at the Cyprus Open.

Callum Shinky won the championship

After England golfer Ross McGowan’s first win after 11 years of waiting last week, it was his 27-year-old country golfer Callum Shinkwin’s turn to take the top spot with a hit with incredible ball-to-hole proportions is one in a million occurrence. This is a shot that Shinkwin scored the eagle from a distance of 54 feet (more than 16m) and sent the ball straight into the hole.

This shot helped Callum Shinkwin enter the play-offs and eventually beat Finnish golfer Kalle Samooja in extra time to champions the tournament at the Aphrodite Hills Cyprus Open. Callum Shinkwin played very successfully as an amateur golfer thanks to his victories with Carris Trophy, English Amateur, and became a member of England & CH Ireland to attend the Walker Cup team match.

Callum Shinkwin’s victory after years of training

Since turning to professional golf, Callum Shinkwin has not won a single title. That is the driving force that helps the English golfer always play with the mentality of having to win. Finally, after 7 years of waiting, Callum Shinkwin has picked the fruit in the Cyprus Open 2020 of the European Tour system.

Callum Shinkwin won the European Tour title for the first time in his career

On the last day of the competition, Callum Shinkwin won 8 sound sticks and became the best golfer. As a result, Callum Shinkwin equalized the score with Kalle Samooja when both had -20 strokes. They have to go into the play-off series to find the champion.

Callum Shinkwin’s victory became even more sweet and memorable when rival Kalle Samooja put the ball up to the green very close to the hole with a distance of 3 feet but put out. While at a double distance, Callum Shinkwin succeeded in getting the ball into the hole.

The victory at the Aphrodite Hills Resort golf course helped Callum Shinkwin get a prize of 1 million euros and rise to the 51st position in the Race to Dubai rankings.