Rolex Rankings changes the way the points are calculated

The world professional women’s golf rankings adjust the scoring method, ensuring fairness when reflecting the golfer’s performance during the season.

Under the new method, announced today, July 20, individual points and points divisor only change when golfers play. If not played, these two parameters stand still so as not to affect the individual score in the standard cycle of 104 consecutive weeks.

In contrast, the position on the rankings each week will fluctuate, because of the score collected in the tournament. Therefore, the chances of improving points and positions are proportional to the number of entries in the “innovation” mechanism.

The new adjustment

Rolex Rankings management is trying to help golfers who are not at a disadvantage in terms of rankings due to scheduling fluctuations or reluctance to compete during the season. The new adjustment also aims to prevent the risk of losing a position arising from the old calculation.

The traditional Rolex Rankings scoring formula is based on a 104-week cycle. In it, it includes the main parameters such as total cumulative points in the cycle and the divisor. The divisor is determined by the number of tournaments attended with a minimum of 35 tournaments.

The Rolex Rankings has been frozen by professional golf since mid-March. This ranking recognizes a total of 10 tournament systems in countries and territories such as the US, Europe, China, Japan, and Australia and is guaranteed. sponsored by two world golf management organizations, Royal & Ancient (R&A) and the American Golf Association (USGA).

The LPGA Tour is scheduled to start again from July 31st with the Drive On Championship sealed event in Ohio. This is also the only member among the rest to determine the time of opening. Because of the general obscure status, the Rolex Rankings Administration has not been able to determine the deadline to reopen the old calculation.

This ranking was released in February 2006, with two adjustments, and has been operating stably since April 2007.