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Attendance of the 5 most famous golfers in the world today

In the golf sports village, no one is unaware of the names of these 5 golfers. Their popularity and success earned them numerous awards and lucrative project or advertising deals. Together, constructing the  5 most impressive fairies golf course in the golf village:

Dustin Johnson

The golfer was born in 1984 American, Dustin Johnson is a professional athlete in the village of American Golf. At the moment, he is ranked as the number 1 golfer in the world at the Official World Golf Ranking.

Currently, Dustin Johnson plays for the PGA Tour – this is the golf tournament with the highest prize money in the world. At the PGA Tour, Dustin Johnson was always one of the 5 best golfers in 10 consecutive years from 2006 to 2017, which took the lead once in 2015. Internationally, Dustin Johnson has also won many important awards such as winning the US Open.

Jason Day

Jason Day was born in 1987, an Australian athlete currently plays at the PGA Tour. The achievements that Jason Day has received during his golf course are as follows.

Jason Day was born in 1987, an Australian athlete currently plays at the PGA Tour

June 2011 entered the Top 10 in the World Golf Ranking after winning second prize at the US Open. In September 2015, Jason Day became the champion of the major PGA Championship. Reach a record of -20 strokes in another major. Not only that, Jason Day has won 2 times the World Golf Championship WGC.

Tiger Woods

The list of the 5 most famous golfers in the world is not to mention Tiger Woods. He is one of the highest-earning athletes in the world for many years. By the time he was 20, he turned to play professional golf.

With the achievement of winning 3 PGA Tour and major Masters 1997 prizes. And ranking Top 1 in the world golf rankings after less than 1 year of changing to professional golf. Not only that, he took this position for a total of 683 weeks, more than anyone else. Tiger Woods won a total of 18 major tournaments.

Henrik Stenson

Henrik Olof Stenson (b. 1976) is a Swedish professional golfer, playing at both the PGA Tour and the European Tour (tour of Europe). He was the first Thuy Dien to win a major men’s major. And achieve a record score of -20 at the 2016 Open Championship (equal to Jason Day in 2015)

Jordan Spieth

America is the cradle of many young and talented golfers. And Jordan Spieth is also a name that many people mention when he ranked No. 1 in the world on the Official World Golf Ranking and has won 3 major awards so far.

History of golf

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Called by the friendly name Arnie, he is considered the third name that people think of the greatest golfer in history after Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. He is a working-class man with his Ugly Swing but has become famous in Golf and is the most popular name.

He has a total of 7 Majors titles, including 4 Masters championships. He is missing only in his collection of PGA Championships titles. His name is also given to a good wine. That is also interesting, isn’t it!

7. Bobby Jones

Unlike any other legendary golfer Bobby Jones is different because it has never been considered a golfer. He ended his career in Amateur tournaments, and was the most frankly successful when he won 4 US Open titles, 3 Open Championship titles. He won five American amateur championships.

Bobby Jones expanded to even one UK amateur championship in 1930. He gave up professional golf in 28 but his name didn’t have any influence. , when he was involved in designing the Augusta National golf course. He joined Golf until 1948, retired from his career due to health problems.

6. Sam Snead

His nickname is Slammin ‘Sammy, he owns only 7 Majors titles including 3 Masters, 3 PGA Championships, 1 US Open. But what made his name was not the Majors but the owner of the most PGA Tour championships to date with 82 titles, an unprecedented fad. He also served the army during World War II.

5. Gary Player

He was a South African golfer nicknamed the Black Knight because he wore black in competition. He is considered one of the greatest golfers that is not American, his name is ranked alongside Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.

During his career, Gary Player has got 9 Majors titles including 3 Masters, 3 Open Championships. He is also an excellent golfer when he has enough choices of the precious Grand Slam in his collection. He has fought 165 tournaments on 6 continents. Players have designed 300 golf courses worldwide and own a farm named after him, Gary Player Stud Farm.

History of golf

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Over the centuries, Golf has emerged as a major and widely known sport. It brings fame and wealth to many people both in the US and around the world.

But to reach the level of great golfers that not everyone can do, they are the people who inspire and admire the next generation. About the names that only when mentioning them is exclusively for a noble sport is Golf. Here are the 10 greatest golfers of all time, listed by TopTen.

10. Byron Nelson

He was considered one of the three legends in the world last century, along with Sam Snead, Ben Hogan who were all born within 7 months of 1912. As indigenous people of Waxahachie, Texas, Nelson has been played professionally from 1935-1946, with 52 titles, including 5 Major championships. He is the winner of both PGA Championships and The Masters, missing an Open Championships title to complete his Grand Slam.

Today there is a tournament called his Byron Nelson Championship, which is played every year in Dallas. He was present at this tournament every year before his death in 2006. And this tournament is no longer part of the PGA schedule, but one thing is for sure: his contributions to Golf Village. Today’s professionalism is very respectable.

9. Tom Watson

When someone asks you which golfer is the greatest of all time and you think of some big names like Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus. But there is one person you probably won’t remember, but he certainly deserves to be there, Tom Watson.

Being a nnative of Kansas City, he is known as one of the most successful golfers in the 70-80s with 8 Majors (5 Open Championships) but has not yet completed the precious Grand Slam and has never fought. He won the second time in the PGA Championship. To achieve that achievement could not fail to mention his mentor Mr. Nelson, who instructed Watson to help him get his first title after working together for a year.