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How important is fitness for golfers and tips to improve fitness

For golf players, fitness is essential for you to have powerful and accurate shots. The role of power in golf is so important that professional golfers always need a fitness coach to help them achieve their best health.

How many times have you finished the first 9 holes already feeling tired? If you regularly show that your fitness is not really in the best state.

The importance of fitness to golfers

Golfing requires incredible skills and endurance. In addition to concentrating on your thoughts, you also need hand-eye coordination, balance, and patience.

The goal of fitness training with a golfer is to build a basic swing and reduce the risk of injury. A swing in golf requires full-body movement through continuous, repetitive rotation, using considerable body strength.

If a golfer cannot do a swing, then all the lessons and practice become meaningless and it will be very difficult to develop.

Fitness plays an important role in whether you can hit a shot correctly or not

The wrong swing can also lead to injury, and mostly affects the lower back. Practicing with many mistakes will accumulate and gradually damage the muscles, joints, and spine. A good swing is to use moderate force according to your body’s stamina.

Fitness plays an important role in whether you can hit a shot correctly or not

The element of flexibility is often misused when it comes to swing movement. A swing in golf requires flexibility. A lot of people often misinterpret that they are not flexible enough to fully achieve the full range of motion when in fact they are not strong enough and strong enough to go through the range of motion required.


Practicing to have the best fitness while playing Golf is extremely important. As long as you are not strong enough, not flexible enough, your ability to hit the ball and move will decrease a lot no matter how good your skill is.

Golf tips

To play golf safely during the Covid-19 pandemic (Part 2)

With tram

In many courts in the US or Europe, golfers have the right to pull bags of sticks and caddy is an optional service. But if using an electric car (buggy/cart), the golden rule is that you should clean the car when you are a driver.

The yard is cleaning the car using in the golf course after each round, but “careful rules are not optimal”. Clean the steering wheel and seats to minimize the risk of infection from people who may have previously used car viruses.

About mobile phone

It is hard to separate your mobile phone in the thirst for information in today’s society, so phones must also “play” in case the golfer needs to check-in or share photos, status up social media, or run the business while you wait for your turn.

If so, put it carefully in a private place for the purpose of cleanliness is a priority, and the fear of losing is secondary during the COVID-19 pandemic. The plastic pedestal in front of the seat is the most convenient place to put things, but it is the place to avoid placing phones. And do not pass the phone to others, and vice versa.


When you really need to, come in and out immediately and keep a safe distance. That contributes to slowing down the rate of infection. Avoid entering the meeting hall when crowded.

When entering, choose an outdoor seat with a radius of 1.8 meters compared to nearby tables. Wash hands or sanitize with disinfectant solution after touching many exposed areas such as doorknobs, table edges, chair backs.

Conducting with golfers

When starting at the putting green or putt practice area, keep your distance from those around you. Few will complain you are impolite this season. With the handshake in the entry hole and the traditional round peg, the golfer should show in another way, such as pushing, kicking each other, or touching a stick, if you want more golf.