History of golf

Learn about the first women’s golf tournament in the world

According to documented records, the first golf tournament for women golfers starting 9 January 1811 was held on the eighteen-hole course of Musselburgh, East Lothian. The winner at that year’s golf tournament was a creel and shawl battle. The runner-up position received two handkerchiefs from Barcelona.

When the first tournament took place, everyone was surprised. Standing in front of the ball was not a tall, solid man, but a soft, feminine, and strong image in the swing. The witness was really amazed by the feminine beauty in proud poses.

Who was the first famous female golfer?

The story of golf among women does not close there. The world it is recorded that the first female golfer is Mary. She was Queen of Scotland who ruled Scotland from 1542 to 1569. Mary is also credited as the creator of the Caddy term, derived from the “cadets” she used when referring to her assistants.

The world it is recorded that the first female golfer is Mary

At this time, for the golf session, the famous St Andrew Links golf course was built. Also from here, the golf door officially opened for women conquering amateur golf tournaments for women first held in the UK and America in 1893 and 1895 respectively.

The challenge for early female golfers

It can be seen that the way for women to golf is somewhat narrower than men. Golf was born in the 15th century in Scotland. However, until the 21st century in countries with very early development economies like England, America, Japan … women are still treated unequally on golf courses.

At that time, many clubs and tournaments refused female golfers to register even without tickets for female golfers. The bonus funding for female golfers in professional playgrounds is also more disadvantaged than men’s tournaments. The audience, sponsor, and media interest in women’s leagues have always been more modest than men’s.

In 2008, American prodigy Michelle Wie had eight times to participate in the professional men’s golf tournaments (PGA) at the age of 18, then in 2012, the most prestigious golf club in the United States Augusta National accepted for the first time. Accepting American members as former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, ending 80 years of history of only admitting men.

Overcoming so many ups and downs in history, women have become an indispensable part of golf. And even more excited when the names Sophie Horn, Maria Verchenova, Anna Rawson, Michelle Wie have become golf legends.