Collin Morikawa won the major PGA Championship 2020 at the age of 23

Winning the PGA Championship at the age of 23, Collin Morikawa has now made world golf fans remember his name!

When tournaments at the PGA tour returned after the translation break, Collin Morikawa was one of the golfers who had a pretty good rhythm, the 23-year-old golfer who won the Charity Workday title not long ago. At that time, many golfers on the tour knew Morikawa’s formidability, and after what he showed in the final round of the PGA Championship, all golf fans of the world had to memorize this name!

Entering the second major tournament in his golf career that lasted just over a year, Collin Morikawa got -1, -1, and -5 strokes through the first three rounds, respectively. Achievement -7 strokes, 2 strokes less than lead golfer Dustin Johnson. However, Morikawa hasn’t been among the names that are expected to explode in round 4.

Collin Morikawa as the new star of world golf

Morikawa’s first 2 Birdies in holes 3 and 4 were just the beginning. The American golfer then played cautiously to experience the next 5 holes with a par, the last 9 holes were when he exploded. That was the time when round 4 went through 3/4 time, and the names of the top golfers on the rankings kept changing with the number of up to 9.

Coming to hole 16, Morikawa was with golfer Paul Casey with -11 strokes. At the 294 yards long par-4, Morikawa’s caddy advised that the safe option was to use an iron for the kick, but the 23-year-old turned down and used the driver. This pick brings great pressure, as the 16th green is hard to reach and just one mistake could make him fall behind.

The shot was then perfectly executed with a length of 278 yards, with the ball flying from left to right rolling toward the flag at a favorable distance. This putt eagle in hole 16 is a historic moment, thereby helping Collin Morikawa get -13 strokes, officially winning the PGA Championship.

A lot of achievements have been made after this title. It is becoming the fourth golfer after Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy had his first major at the age of 23.