Collin Morikawa as the young champion of the PGA Championship

In addition to a bonus of over $ 1 million, Morikawa will receive a lifetime right to join the PGA Championship.

Very passionate golf, Stephen Curry – star of the Golden States Warriors basketball club was also present today and even wanted to caddy for Morikawa.

When Collin Morikawa won the championship, where was Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods?

With Dustin Johnson, the question continues to be when for the second major? The golfer leading round 3 did not make too many mistakes on Sunday, he had a record of -2 strokes with 4 birdies and 2 bogeys.

Dustin Johnson failed to reach her second major title

The reason that Dustin Johnson was unable to reach his second major title besides Morikawa’s excellence. Besides, playing safely made him miss many birdies opportunities to compete for the championship and comes second with -11 strokes.

Also having this achievement is Paul Casey, the 43-year-old UK golfer who has gone through 64 major tournaments and has also participated in the major tournaments. At that time, there was a chance to win the first major of his career.

A Byeong-hun in hole 11 has received a lot of congratulations from all the golfers, as he got his first hole in one since golf.

What about Tiger Woods? The good news is that you hit the stick in this last round. The 47-year-old golfer’s Sunday feel is much better, good flag-approaching hits, birdie putt has a better feel. This is a good signal for Tiger Woods to continue entering the next tournaments after the PGA Championship.

Morikawa said three months ago that he certainly cannot compare to golf legends like Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods, but just to mention it means he is doing well!

Collin Morikawa – media inspiration for the world press

Collin Morikawa’s victory at the PGA Championship golf has impressed golf fans around the world, giving him a memorable career milestone and of course, also became the inspiration of the media nowadays.


Collin Morikawa won the major PGA Championship 2020 at the age of 23

Winning the PGA Championship at the age of 23, Collin Morikawa has now made world golf fans remember his name!

When tournaments at the PGA tour returned after the translation break, Collin Morikawa was one of the golfers who had a pretty good rhythm, the 23-year-old golfer who won the Charity Workday title not long ago. At that time, many golfers on the tour knew Morikawa’s formidability, and after what he showed in the final round of the PGA Championship, all golf fans of the world had to memorize this name!

Entering the second major tournament in his golf career that lasted just over a year, Collin Morikawa got -1, -1, and -5 strokes through the first three rounds, respectively. Achievement -7 strokes, 2 strokes less than lead golfer Dustin Johnson. However, Morikawa hasn’t been among the names that are expected to explode in round 4.

Collin Morikawa as the new star of world golf

Morikawa’s first 2 Birdies in holes 3 and 4 were just the beginning. The American golfer then played cautiously to experience the next 5 holes with a par, the last 9 holes were when he exploded. That was the time when round 4 went through 3/4 time, and the names of the top golfers on the rankings kept changing with the number of up to 9.

Coming to hole 16, Morikawa was with golfer Paul Casey with -11 strokes. At the 294 yards long par-4, Morikawa’s caddy advised that the safe option was to use an iron for the kick, but the 23-year-old turned down and used the driver. This pick brings great pressure, as the 16th green is hard to reach and just one mistake could make him fall behind.

The shot was then perfectly executed with a length of 278 yards, with the ball flying from left to right rolling toward the flag at a favorable distance. This putt eagle in hole 16 is a historic moment, thereby helping Collin Morikawa get -13 strokes, officially winning the PGA Championship.

A lot of achievements have been made after this title. It is becoming the fourth golfer after Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy had his first major at the age of 23.


Justin Thomas won FedEx St. Jude Invitational in Memphis

Justin Thomas won the PGA Tour with a $ 10.5 million prize fund in Memphis. Thomas won at -13, earned $ 1.82 million, and from third jumped to the top of the world table (OWGR).

But before that, the American golfer had a big disadvantage in the score after 54 holes. At that time, he was four strokes below Brendon Todd’s top-12 table, and An Byeong Hun, Rickie Fowler, and Brooks Koepka followed in turn by a decreasing stroke. Thomas teamed up with famous player Phil Mickelson.

In the last two holes, Thomas kept par and reached the finish line at -13, and Koepka birdie and double bogey should be three strokes. This is the 13th PGA Tour title of the 27-year-old star. Since 1960, he is one of the three youngest golfers to reach this milestone, behind only Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

Koepka lost the title because of a decline in the last three holes

Thomas peaked at OWGR on May 13, 2018, and held this position for four weeks. He won the major PGA Championship 2017, FedEx Cup, received the double title of “Excellent Golfer” in the same year of the PGA Tour and the American Professional Golf Association (PGAA).

Koepka finished T2 at -10 with Berger, Lewis, and 50-year-old Phil Mickelson. Each person in this group receives $ 695,000.

Unfortunately, it happened again with Todd. In the Travelers Championship near the end of June, Todd kept the top of the table after 54 holes, but hit 75 strokes in the round and finished T11.

The same happened this week, but Todd came in the last T15, receiving $ 131,000. This group also has Rickie Fowler. Due to hitting 73 sticks through the last 18 holes, An Byeong Hun fell 10 steps, to the T12 group at -8, getting $ 166,666. On that one step is the T6 group of six people, earning 268,333 USD.


Rolex Rankings changes the way the points are calculated

The world professional women’s golf rankings adjust the scoring method, ensuring fairness when reflecting the golfer’s performance during the season.

Under the new method, announced today, July 20, individual points and points divisor only change when golfers play. If not played, these two parameters stand still so as not to affect the individual score in the standard cycle of 104 consecutive weeks.

In contrast, the position on the rankings each week will fluctuate, because of the score collected in the tournament. Therefore, the chances of improving points and positions are proportional to the number of entries in the “innovation” mechanism.

The new adjustment

Rolex Rankings management is trying to help golfers who are not at a disadvantage in terms of rankings due to scheduling fluctuations or reluctance to compete during the season. The new adjustment also aims to prevent the risk of losing a position arising from the old calculation.

The traditional Rolex Rankings scoring formula is based on a 104-week cycle. In it, it includes the main parameters such as total cumulative points in the cycle and the divisor. The divisor is determined by the number of tournaments attended with a minimum of 35 tournaments.

The Rolex Rankings has been frozen by professional golf since mid-March. This ranking recognizes a total of 10 tournament systems in countries and territories such as the US, Europe, China, Japan, and Australia and is guaranteed. sponsored by two world golf management organizations, Royal & Ancient (R&A) and the American Golf Association (USGA).

The LPGA Tour is scheduled to start again from July 31st with the Drive On Championship sealed event in Ohio. This is also the only member among the rest to determine the time of opening. Because of the general obscure status, the Rolex Rankings Administration has not been able to determine the deadline to reopen the old calculation.

This ranking was released in February 2006, with two adjustments, and has been operating stably since April 2007.


Ryder Cup 2020 has been postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic

The disease progressed complicatedly, causing the Ryder Cup Organizing Committee to postpone the male team golf competition between the US and Europe to 2021.

This announcement was made during a press conference co-hosted by the American Professional Golf Association (PGAA), European and PGA Tour.

The decision to postpone Ryder Cup 2020

In recent weeks, international media, based on private sources, have suggested that the possibility of postponement of the tournament is high, while the Organizing Committee has calculated a secret plan. However, they then confirmed to stop implementing this year’s award. This was after a meeting with the US Department of Disease Control (CDC), Wisconsin state government.

Due to the disease, the Ryder Cup will switch to playing in odd years, at least until 2037. This decision will certainly be welcomed by many stars on both sides. Captain Steve Stricker and Padraig Harrington both expressed agreement.

Last month, Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka also called for a postponement of the award due to disease concerns and the stance of “no fan, Ryder Cup no longer a Ryder Cup”. At that time, CEO Seth Waugh himself also agreed with this view, though still favoring the ability to expedite the resolution. And when he announced the postponement, he repeated it.

Initially, the 43rd Ryder Cup Week is expected to take place in the city of Kohler, Wisconsin from September 22-27. In the new plan, the venue is unchanged. Meanwhile, the time frame for the event is September 21 to September 26, 2021.

As a result, subsequent competitions are periodically held every two years. The two teams rotate as hosts, which will take place in the odd year, at least until 2037.

Then the organization managing the American professional arena also had to reschedule its own schedule for the Wells Fargo Championship. The tournament will still be playing at the traditional Quail Hollow yard next year.

However, the 2022 term must make way for the Presidents Cup. The event temporarily moved to TPC Potomac for a year, then returned to Quail Hollow in 2023.

Refund for tickets

Those who bought tickets to the Whistling Straits this year can reserve until next year. PGAA will contact you directly and issue a refund for tickets purchased directly from the official channel. Apart from this, the buyer must contact the seller.


The scenario for golf tournaments in the Covid-19 pandemic (Part 2)

Torrey Pines and Pebble Beach both have many pitches. This is an important factor, helping to bring the entire number of golfers to the field for the first two rounds of a full-field event with 156 people like the US Open in the area with “days shorter than nights” in the last months of the year. like the state of California.

Early in the season, Masters on Augusta National Stadium were at the top of the traditional major quartet’s calendar, with a 9/4 opening date. But Covid-19 caused the Organizing Committee to postpone the announcement on March 13.

In the revised program, Masters will start on November 9. And in accordance with this arrangement, the PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco became the main launch artillery, from August 6-9.

The following weeks were part of the PGA Tour with one event per week, respectively, including the Wyndham Championship, three FedEx Cup playoff tournaments, and the 2019-2020 Championship Championship Tournament on East Lake in Atlanta.

During the sessions, the reopening of the PGA Tour’s main event The Players Championship was also a topic of discussion, but ultimately fell out of the game. And until now, the Ryder Cup is kept in the same position – from September 25 to September 28.

Despite the new calendar, the major events may change due to Covid-19. And within the current vision, the PGA Tour aims to reopen the arena by mid-June. That will enable them to use four weeks of golf vacations at the Olympic Games (delayed until next year), US and British major expands. (transferred to a new schedule) to reorganize previously canceled or canceled tournaments.

The remaining problem to be solved is the major broadcasters in the US such as NBC, CBS, Fox and ESPN. Not only golf, they are committed to famous sports arenas such as NLF football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, Premier League football, NASCAR racing…

All these events are struggling restructuring broadcasts during and after the epidemic. That means that the US Open will probably be more broadcast on Fox Sports 1 channel instead of Fox’s main network. Under the contract, the broadcaster is supposed to broadcast on the main channel when the US Open takes place in June as usual.


The scenario for golf tournaments in the Covid-19 pandemic (Part 1)

A new roadmap for the remaining major tournaments of the year is being finalized, according to Golfweek on April 2.

The five world power organizations have been discussing telemetry remotely every day for the past three weeks to salvage the remaining nail events of the year. These include Royal & Ancient (R&A), American Golf Association (USGA), American Professional Golf Association (PGAA), PGA Tour and Augusta National.

The Open

The only obstacle that caused the joint statement of the new schedule to be delayed is the R&A’s hesitation between canceling or postponing the 14th Major The Open Championship.

On April 3rd, R&A confirmed the tournament does not change the time held. The schedule is still from 16 / 7 to 7/19 at the Royal St George Stadium, Kent, England. This move comes after the Golf Digest used its own source in the article about The Open’s cancellation.

According to the new scenario that Golfweek has, The Open is not the key event in the traditional major quartet. The tournament is set on September 17 – September 20. One week before the scheduled start of the Great War between the United States and Europe at the Ryder Cup at the Whistling Straits in Wisconsin.

If R&A chooses to cancel The Open, the frame July 16 – July 19 will be filled with a US Open on Winged Foot.

But the USGA’s 120-year-old event also has some issues. “We have not been able to confirm the specific date so far. Although we hope we can begin the US Open as planned, the complicated situation has increased the risk of postponement. With PGA Tour, Fox Sports and other golf organizations, we are considering some possible directions”.

One of the solutions Annis mentioned was the US Open organization on the US West Coast in the second half of July or beyond. USGA had preliminary discussions with two potential locations in California. It is a combination of Torrey Pines golf and Pebble Beach Golf Links.

However, Torrey Pines took the right to host the tournament in 2021. Pebble Beach was the battleground of the previous year. However, this is the most feasible option of the USGA yard selection options.


Plans revealed for $240m Premier Golf League

The World Golf Group (WGG) organization has unveiled plans for a replacement global tour encompassing an 18-event season offering a complete prize purse of $240m (€217.7m).

The UK-based organization’s Premier Golf League (PGL) vision is 2 years within the making and is scheduled to launch in January 2022. An eight-month season would commence in January, with 10 of the 18 tournaments being held within the US.

WGG is seeking to check in 48 players, with a private champion to be decided after the 17th event and therefore the finale to be staged as a team play-off. WGG said during a statement: “If you would like the planet to observe, you’ve got to showcase your best product, week-in-week-out. Golf doesn’t do this currently.

WGG said it’s partnered with New York-headquartered acquirer the Raine Group within the venture. Selected players would be handed part ownership of a team franchise, with WGG stating this is able to give them the prospect to share in “significant equity value”.

The prospect of a world golf tour has been mooted for quite 20 years, with WGG answering questions on how the PGL would differ from a proposal from Australian golf legend Norman that ultimately did not get off the bottom in 1994. WGG said Norman’s plan “resulted during a threat to ban its participants and therefore the creation of 4 World Golf Championships – beat the US. The planet is now a special place, restraint of trade laws have changed, and therefore the League may be a very different proposition.”

WGG said it’s keen to figure with established golf tours instead of act as a breakaway league. However, both the European Tour and PGA Tour have dismissed such a proposal.

The latest news comes after the PGA Tour announced that it’s raising the prize of the 2020 Players Championship to $15m, with the winner of the March 12-15 event at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, the US, to receive $2.7m.

The move represents a complete rise of $2.5m from last year’s event, which was won by McIlroy. It also means, for the nonce, the Players Championship can pay quite any of the main championships. Last year, the payouts for the men’s majors were: US Open ($12.5m), The Masters ($11.5m), PGA Championship ($11m) and Open ($10.75m).