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English golfer Callum Shinkwin won his first European Tour title

English golfer Callum Shinkwin won his first European Tour title after beating rival Kalle Samooja in a dramatic final at the Cyprus Open.

Callum Shinky won the championship

After England golfer Ross McGowan’s first win after 11 years of waiting last week, it was his 27-year-old country golfer Callum Shinkwin’s turn to take the top spot with a hit with incredible ball-to-hole proportions is one in a million occurrence. This is a shot that Shinkwin scored the eagle from a distance of 54 feet (more than 16m) and sent the ball straight into the hole.

This shot helped Callum Shinkwin enter the play-offs and eventually beat Finnish golfer Kalle Samooja in extra time to champions the tournament at the Aphrodite Hills Cyprus Open. Callum Shinkwin played very successfully as an amateur golfer thanks to his victories with Carris Trophy, English Amateur, and became a member of England & CH Ireland to attend the Walker Cup team match.

Callum Shinkwin’s victory after years of training

Since turning to professional golf, Callum Shinkwin has not won a single title. That is the driving force that helps the English golfer always play with the mentality of having to win. Finally, after 7 years of waiting, Callum Shinkwin has picked the fruit in the Cyprus Open 2020 of the European Tour system.

Callum Shinkwin won the European Tour title for the first time in his career

On the last day of the competition, Callum Shinkwin won 8 sound sticks and became the best golfer. As a result, Callum Shinkwin equalized the score with Kalle Samooja when both had -20 strokes. They have to go into the play-off series to find the champion.

Callum Shinkwin’s victory became even more sweet and memorable when rival Kalle Samooja put the ball up to the green very close to the hole with a distance of 3 feet but put out. While at a double distance, Callum Shinkwin succeeded in getting the ball into the hole.

The victory at the Aphrodite Hills Resort golf course helped Callum Shinkwin get a prize of 1 million euros and rise to the 51st position in the Race to Dubai rankings.

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Little-known facts about the oldest golf tournament in history (Part 1)

The British Open is the oldest name on the list of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. The first golf tournament took place on October 17, 1960, in Scotland, UK. Since its inception, this golf tournament has been held alternately on the Scottish, Northern Ireland, and British courts.

Open Championships World Golf Tournament

The Open is a 72-hole stroke play over four days from Thursday to Sunday. After 36 holes, the organizers will eliminate players so that only 70 people are leading. If 72 holes can not found the owner of the championship cup, it will proceed to the play-off round. If a draw continues, a live play will be played until a winner.

The world’s top professional golfers champions from amateur leagues or excellent results from the new qualifiers qualify to compete in this prestigious tournament.

The Open Championship is also known as The Open and British Open. This is the oldest tournament among the four Major tournaments of the professional golfer world, held for the first time in the UK and the only major tournament outside the United States.

The tournament took place first October 17, 1860, at Prestwick Golf Club with 8 professional golfers competing in 3 rounds of the 12-hole golf course in a single day.

Features of The Open Championship

The tournaments are held at the golf courses adjacent to the coast (Link courses) and these courses often present many challenges for golfers due to the extreme weather conditions.

Trophies and medals in The Open history

1860 – 1870 Challenge Belt was awarded to the champion.

In 1872 Young Tom Morris’s first champion was engraved on the trophy.

From the tournament in 1872, the champion was awarded a gold medal before Claret Jug was born.

In 1872 bronze medals were awarded to all the professional golfers who attended the final round.

Mode of competition

The Open is a 72 hole stroke play golf tournament. It takes place over 4 days from Thursday to Sunday (Since 1979 the tournament took place on Friday and Tuesday of July). In the rounds after hole 36, only 70 leading golfer achievements remained.

If after 72 holes the champions have not been determined, golfers will enter the 4-hole playoff series to calculate the total performance if they still draw the golfers entering the live series until the champions are found.

Golf in the UK

The strategy of European Tour to keep safe from COVID-19 pandemic

The European Tour reopened on July 22 and applied the principle of “comrades” in the fence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first tournament to follow the new schedule is the British Masters, with a prize fund of $ 1.4 million at the Close House in Newcastle. This is one of six closed tournaments in the United Kingdom that lasts until the end of August.

During this time, the participants will have to follow the “friendly rules”. Besides, they have to use medical examination measures like tests, temperature measurements, and medical claims. Accordingly, each individual is asked to pair up to move, work, relax, and eat during the event. The golfer and caddy will form a group.

Whether standing near other groups in the waiting area or hotel, the golfers must keep a safe distance. They are only allowed to sit at the table with their comrades. As explained by the European Tour, the pairing strategy will assist in localizing the object. It also avoids having to isolate the majority if a positive case is found.

Golf and caddy will pair up to ensure safety at the European Tour

European Tour and F1 are two international sporting events that are allowed by the UK government. As part of a crowded event, the European Tour series is more strictly controlled than other local sports, such as English Premier League football.

The Golfer is planning three events in a series of six home tournaments. All venues are only three hours away by car.

In the first round of the British Masters, David Law of Scotland hit 64 strokes and took the top of the table at -7. Having fought professionally since 2011, Law has just won a title at the European Tour, at the Victoria Open 2019.

Less than one stroke of Law is group T2 consisting of Oliver Fisher, Renato Paratore, and Garrick Porteous. Pepperell reaches -4 in the T9 group. Chairing the competition and competition, former world number one Lee Westwood hit 71 sticks and belonged to the T50 group at the bottom of the board.

Defending champion Marcus Kinhult stood T29 with a score of -2. Last year, he was crowned at -16, earning US $ 670,000 in a reward fund of US $ 3.5 million.

Golf in the UK

Why golf is considered the national sport of Scotland? (Part 2)

It is true that Scotland spends all four seasons in one day. To chance optimistic, chaotic Scottish elements make the game more interesting. High prevailing winds (especially on coastal courses) and an ever-present breeze pose a welcome challenge, while likely the rain is destined for the course!

This being said, the moments are nothing but brilliant rays dancing on rolling terrain, enchanting landscapes and impressive sceneries of Scotland (it happens more than you think), making playing golf is less than a sport and many moments of divine intervention.

Plenty of ancient and classic, new and exciting others, Scotland boasts over 550 courses, arguably the best in the world. Draped with prestige and riddled with tradition, perhaps the most famous is the Old Course at St Andrews, with its big green twin; Famous 700-year-old Swilcan Bridge; and of course, The Road Hole (one of the most famous holes in golf history).

The first golf match

Considered internationally as a ‘golf course’ and regarded as a mandatory pilgrimage site, Links at St Andrews organized the first match. It has hosted the Open Championship 29 times and also affects the rules of golf by setting an 18-hole precedent. Scattered across the country, Muirfield, Royal Dornoch, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns and North Berwick are just a few of Scotland’s fascinating courses.

The layout of a course is just as important as the rules and location. Although mostly subjective, a multitude of aspects must be considered when choosing a ‘good course’; such as the direction of the green, the bunker and the slopes, the variety (ie there is a combination of doglegs, straight, long or short holes); and whether the course is mountainous, flat, coastal or inland.

Scotland is blessed with many courses designed by great Scottish golf architects James Braid, Old Tom Morris and Tom Bendelow, whose work today, still reigns supreme. However, another reason why golfers flock to Scotland as there is no tomorrow.

At the end of the day, when it comes to this Scottish national sport, it’s important to note at least one thing – you can take a golfer out of Scotland but you can’t take Scotland off the golf course!

Golf in the UK

The brief history of golf as an aristocratic sport from the UK

The true origins of Golf remain a mystery. However, most people agree that Scotland is the first place where golf matches take place.

The sport has been around since the 15th century. It was initially banned from play because the government worried men who were too engrossed in golf to ignore archery training to take part in the protection of the country. As Golf developed, Golf clubs gradually formed and became the official sport as today.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Scottish army tried to spread golf playing to British colonies. The Royal Calcutta is the oldest club outside the British island and exists as a reminder of the aristocratic history of this aristocratic sport.

The development of golf

Within 100 years, the number of golf courses in England has increased from 12 to nearly 1,000. When Golf began to grow, it spread quickly and was widely accepted everywhere. In the US, the first golf courses began to appear in the late 18th century. After that, the American Golf Association established in 1894.

The brilliant development of the golf industry in the US was the premise for the Japanese people to establish. First golf course in 1913 and Golf Association in 1924 in the land of the rising sun. The growth in the number of golf courses has increased so rapidly that even golfers have set up their own agencies to evaluate the impact of golf courses on the environment.

The first balls were stitched with leather and stuffed with feathers but they did not fly far and were easily damaged. Therefore, it is designed to make golf balls made of rubber – a material easily found in tropical areas.

Balls made from metal also began to be manufactured. The American Golf Association was the first entity to adjust the golf ball in the 1930s and as a result created the golf balls we use today.

Golf clubs have grown tremendously since the first wooden golf clubs were formed. As the sport became more and more popular, craftsmen designed elaborate wooden golf clubs for the royal family and wealthy merchants.

So, in the early 1900s, artisans began making metal golf clubs, eventually developing into flexible curves like today. Golfers can now choose between metal or wooden golf clubs. They can also choose the style of the club. This varies flexibly depending on the needs of the player.

Golf in the UK

Pro Ryan Palmer: PGA Tour golf could resume in May after being suspended due to coronavirus

According to seasoned pro Ryan Palmer, PGA Tour golf could resume in the middle of May after being suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Like most other sports, professional golf has been suspended amid the world health crisis with tournaments canceled or postponed.

The first two major events of the year, including the Masters and PGA Championship, were postponed while all PGA Tour events until May 21 were canceled.

Now there are doubts over the US Open in June after Winged Foot, the host club of the event, was forced shut by New York’s government.

There have been more than 104,000 cases of coronavirus in the United States with more than 1,700 deaths.

Globally, more than 600,000 cases have been reported with about 29,000 deaths.

However, Palmer, a member of the venue for that tournament, thinks that the Charles Schwab Classic, the next scheduled event on the PGA Tour, is not out of the question.

Palmer said: “I would bet that they are anticipating playing Colonial.”

Tournament director Michael Tothe said: “When you start thinking about the charities we are supporting, the committee chairs, the sponsors, the fans, the volunteers, the hotels, you will get really excited.

“But at the same time, it is a time in our life that we are going through real tough time. We are ready for what comes down the line.”

The golf calendar has been deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the Olympic tournament scheduled for July was the latest event to be scrapped.

The Open Championship is still set to take place before the FedEx Cup play-offs in August, from July 16-19 as scheduled.

The Ryder Cup is also planned to take place from September 25-27 in Wisconsin.

The Masters in April and PGA Championship in May were both postponed in order to battle the pandemic with the whole world.

Both of them are rescheduled for the autumn.

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Coronavirus outbreak: England Golf statement

As the public health emergency escalates, the sports governing bodies have been detailing their plans to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to escalate, golf’s four governing bodies in the UK and Ireland – England Golf, Scottish Golf, Wales Golf and the Golfing Union of Ireland – have set out their advice to clubs, and outlined how the virus will affect their championships in 2020, in a series of statements.

England Golf statement regarding coronavirus

England Golf  – in light of the developing situation with the COVID-19 outbreak – has today issued the following guidance to all our affiliated golf clubs and golfers.

We fully recognize the need to adhere to the expert advice available and as such we would point all our clubs in the direction of the guidelines set out in detail by Public Health England via their website.

Details on how best to cope with the virus can also be found via the World Health Organization website which will provide rolling updates and the best ways to mitigate against the spread of the infection.

NHS England also provides updated and expert advice via their website.

All golf clubs should note, act upon and continually monitor the advice and guidance issued by these expert authorities in relation to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

It is important that we all work together, following the advice of qualified professionals, in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

This remains a very fluid situation and England Golf will continue to take their lead from the government and public health authorities when it comes to safeguarding our clubs and members and offering practical and necessary steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of golfers and golf club staff.

England Golf chief executive Jeremy Tomlinson said: “The expert practical advice that is available from the health authorities and national government should remain the first point of reference for all our golf clubs and golfers.

 “This is clearly a fluid and developing situation and we will continue to monitor events as they progress and pass on the relevant information to our stakeholders.

 “By working in alignment with those who are specialists in this field, we will be able to take the necessary precautions and provide the correct measures to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Golf in the UK

Another five golf courses in Scotland are earmarked for closure

For the second time during a few days, there are reports that a Scottish agency wants to shut down five of its golf courses.

A few days ago the days reported that Glasgow Life is considering closing down five of the local council’s six municipal golf courses thanks to low usage, and now the Ayrshire Post has revealed that South Ayrshire Council is considering closing five clubs also, so as to seek out £9 million to balance its books.

A public consultation into a raft of cost-cutting measures, featuring the closure of community centers and swimming pools, has been launched on the South Ayrshire Council website; however, it is understood that an inventory of closure targets has been involved.

The clubs earmarked for closure are Maybole golf courses, Belleisle golf courses, Girvan golf courses, Seafield golf courses, and Dalmilling golf courses.

The Belleisle and Seafield courses sit side by side and opened in 1927.

The facilities benefited from the addition of a fresh £1.5 million clubhouse in 2016.

Girvan may be a nother James Braid design and is a part-links, part-parkland layout that enjoys an equivalent stunning views of the Ailsa Craig as Trump Turnberry.

The three other courses operated by South Ayrshire Council – Lochgreen, Darley, and Fullarton, which all use an equivalent Troon Links clubhouse – aren’t believed to be suffering from the proposed cuts.

This comes at a dreadful time for Scotland’s municipal golf courses. In Dundee, Camperdown GC is thanks to close at the top of this month after a last-ditch plan to reserve it fell through, and David Doig, of the Lothians Golf Association, recently said that Edinburgh could follow Glasgow’s lead because it must find up to £40 million in savings from it allow 2021-22, and one golf courses has lost nine of its holes.

However, a Merseyside council is to take a position quite half 1,000,000 pounds in its golf offerings, because it believes that golf courses that don’t suffer from under-investment achieve a big return on the investment.

Golf in the UK

Tiger Woods warned of decreased enjoyment risk in golf’s distance debate

Tiger Woods has weighed into the space debate in golf and fears the sport could subsided enjoyable for amateurs and kids if equipment is modified.

Woods seemed divided with his opinions on the findings of the space Insight Project Report on Tuesday. At the end of the conversation, he concluded that further increases in golf’s average hitting distances would be undesirable and detrimental to its future.

Last week, Phil Mickelson also insisted that the increases of distance were more due to the reason that players became better athletes, instead of the equipment technology advances during his long professional career.

Woods conceded that player fitness was an element , but he admitted that golf courses were “running out of property” when trying to increase to accommodate the modern-day big-hitter, although he also warned of the necessity to stay the sport “enjoyable” at grass roots level.

“The game of golf is fluid, it’s moving, and therefore the ball is certainly going tons further now than the old balata days,” said Woods before this week’s Genesis Invitational at Riviera club, a rare tournament that he has never won.

“We want the game to abstract more participation. Having the more forgiving clubs and larger clubheads adds to the enjoyment of the sport. So there is a very delicate balancing act for where we’re trying to stay the sport at.

Woods believes bifurcation (different rules for professionals and amateurs) may be a possibility but added: “It’s certainly a discussion that’s on the table, whether we bifurcate or not, but it’s likely to be long after my playing days before we figure that out.”

Although the 15-time major champion also revealed that he has been approached to compete within the proposed Premier Golf League, he gave little away as being asked if he would plan to such a format.

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Royal Dornoch golf course named number one in world

The internationally renowned championship course at Royal Dornoch Golf Club has been named number one in the world by leading online golf reservation service, “golfscape”.

The course topped the list of the World’s Top 100 Golf Courses 2020, compiled by an extensive panel of industry leaders.

The panel said of Royal Dornoch: “Bordering the Dornoch Firth, the classic links land will offer you nothing but wild magnificent seas, skies, and mountains with ancient grass covering the dunes.”

Golfscape’s list has eight Scottish courses, including the Old Course at St Andrews (ranked no 6) and the Ailsa Course at Trump Turnberry (15).

Royal Dornoch Golf Club general manager Neil Hampton said: “This is an amazing achievement and a great tribute to every club member who works hard to make our historic course a must-play venue for golfers today.”

“The quality of the course as well as our history, including our links to Donald Ross and Old Tom Morris, is a winning combination.”

The championship course has also been ranked no four in the world in Golf Digest’s new Top 100 courses outside the US, by a panel that includes more than 1700 North American golfers and more than 350 international players.

The panel said that Herbert Warren Wind (an American golf writer) called it the most natural golf course in the world. Tom Watson called it the most fun that he had had playing golf. Donald Ross called it home, having been born in the village and learned the game on the links.

In November, the championship course was ranked no 10 in GOLF magazine’s latest Top 100 Courses in the World list.

It was second only to St Andrews’ Old Course as the highest ranking of 13 Scottish courses to make the list and was the third highest ranked of the 30 courses in Great Britain and Ireland.