Why golf is considered the national sport of Scotland? (Part 1)

Every year, Scotland welcomes eager golfing enthusiasts from afar, each exploding in anticipation to play some of the most iconic courses in the world. So more than a native sport, golf in Scotland and golf in the world share a sacred and unbreakable bond. After all, this bonnie land is the birthplace of sport.

It’s quite spectacular to think that if you rewind time and see Scotland centuries ago (particularly the 15th century), golf will still be ingrained into Scottish social psychology. Although the sport was banned in 1457 – but it was considered an undesirable distraction – enthusiasts were excited when it was raised to around 1503. That same year, King James IV was arrested when buying the first club: ‘and the ball for the king he played with’.

The history of golf in Scotland

History alone explains why golf is Scotland’s official legal sport. Look at Musselburgh Links, The Old Golf Course. This legendary course, located on the outskirts of Edinburgh, is organized as both the oldest golf course in the world and the oldest golf course to be played continuously.

In 1567, Mary, Queen of Scots is said to have played a round there, while records also show that golfers have been serving since 1672. Not only are these nine 34-hole holes organized six Opens, but it has left an invaluable contribution to the game’s rules.

Musselburgh Links created the 108mm or ‘four and a quarter’ diameter rule for the equipment used to create the width of the hole. R & A followed in 1893 and made it a mandatory measure for all courses.

Speaking of the rules, the oldest golf rules were founded in 1744 for the Honorable Company Of Edinburgh Golfers, the oldest organized golf club that can be verified there, in the first tournament. Their fairies in Leith. The oldest of the four major golf championships, the first open championship was held in Scotland at Prestwick Golf Club in 1860.

However, Scotland’s relationship with golf is not limited to ancient courses, historical plays or regulations. Course architecture, professional players and the weather are also of great significance.


6 most prestigious golf tournaments in the world (Part 1)

Every year thousands of small and large golf tournaments around the world. However, only the big tournaments that bring together famous golfers are noticed by many fans and look forward to every day and every hour. Golfnet scores 6 most prestigious golf tournaments in the world today.

1. The Masters

The Masters is the first annual golf tournament in April. Calculated so that the last round of golf will end on the second Sunday of April each year. It is one of the four largest and most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. The Masters World Golf Tournament first took place in 1934 at the Augusta National Course in Georgia, where the tournament is still held.

With a total prize of up to 9 million USD this will certainly be the tournament with the highest prize and the most expected golfer of the year. Each year, the tournament gathers around 50 to 60 professional golf golfer leading the world. This is a tournament with a number of special traditions, not to mention the green vest called Green Jacket is considered the most prestigious award in the sports world.

2. The US Open

The US Open world golf tournament is organized by the American golf association in the middle of June every year and ends on the third Sunday of June. This is the second tournament in the four major events of the world golf village. It is also the official schedule of European Tour and PGA Tour.

The US Open golf tournament was first held at the Newport Country Club golf course on October 4, 1895. This grand tournament is quite special in terms of venue. Each year will be held at different golf courses around the United States.

The selection of golf courses to organize the tournament is very strict, most of the courses are long, high rough grass, narrow fairway and short grass on the green making the ball rolling very quickly, giving players new challenges difficult to conquer.


Interesting facts about golf history you may not know

Golf is a subject with a long history in the world and interesting stories revolving around this aristocratic sport. Let us provide you with the interesting things about golf history you may not know.

The interesting facts in golf history

Golf is one of two sports played on the moon. In February 1971, astronaut Alan Shepard aboard the Apollo 14 landed on the moon. He hit a golf ball with 6 iron sticks and only hit one hand due to his bulky outfit. In 2006, Russian astronaut Mijail Tiurin became the first person on earth to perform a drive in space.

Tactu Golf Club located in Morococha – Peru is the highest golf course in the world at 14,335 feet (4.3km).

Previously, tee in golf did not have this concept, golfers often put small sand dunes high to serve as a tee. It was not until the 20s when the first tee was invented that it is widely used today.

A Film contract with the condition of golfing twice a week comes from Samuel Jackson, one of the most famous golf clubs in the world.

The 6-year-old boy scored Hole In One’s goal which was golfer Tiger Woods. However, Tiger Woods is not the youngest to record HIO, but that record belongs to the 5-year-old Littleton who scored Colorado’s Coby in 1975.

In addition to the HIO shot at the age of 6, Tiger Woods golfer achieved another 17 consecutive HIOs in golf.

It is thought that the St Andrew’s Course in Scotland is the oldest golf course in the world. But according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest golf course is the Musselburgh Link yard established in 1672. But a guest evidence indicates that Scottish female Mary has been golfing here since very early in 1567.

Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most famous golf courses in the world and must be closed for 3 years and must become a poultry farm to serve the resistance due to World War II.

The film Caddyshark features a lawn mower, dreaming of becoming a golf champion. He imagined himself winning and making a swing in a flower garden with a garden tool. Notably, this scene was adapted by legendary comedian Bill Murray.


Hope from the above information partly helps passionate readers, golf lovers have a better view of interesting stories in the history of the development of the aristocratic sport.


The history of golf in the UK

The beginning of golf is filled with mystery. However, we have to make it clear that Scotland is the most responsible for setting the ground on which golf is based. It can’t be negated that golf is an ancient game. Although it didn’t happen suddenly, it was the result of similar activities evolving over a long period of years. Early English version was called “Cambuca”, which was using a wooden ball. There are many evidence of the existence of golf that is linked to Scotland.

King James II

Golf gained popularity in Scotland quickly but King James II banned the game in the 15th century. When Scotland was in the war with England, and the military spent more time playing golf than practicing archery, which was a vital in defending the country. Surely, golf enthusiasts often ignored the ban, so the king had to make similar declarations two more times in the next few years. 40 years later, the ban was withdrawn as the nobleman started playing golf. In 1502, Scottish King James IV received a set of golf clubs from one the man who was producing bows and strings at that time.

Queen of Scotland

The next King James V of Scotland also played golf and was a frequent guest of Gosford in East Lothian, where he had his own private Links golf field. People assume that his daughter Mary, the Queen of Scotland, started playing golf when she was a little girl. Later, she continued to play golf at school in France. In 1567, she was criticized for playing golf right after the death of her husband, Lord Darnley.

Golf clubs

In 1735, The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh – the first official golf club – was founded. Then, The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was created in 1744, and ten years later, the most famous golf club in the world, The Society of St. Andrews Golfers in 1754. Historians believed that Scottish masonry lodges were financially supporting the first golf clubs. The first golf club outside of Scotland, Royal Blackheath, was formed in England in 1766. At the end of the 18th century, there were ten golf clubs in England and Scotland.

Rules Committee Meeting

We had to wait about 200 years for any standardization of the sport, in the form as we know today. It took a lot of time to make any written rules. On May 14, 1754, the first session of the Rules Committee in Golf was held by The Society of St. Andrews Golfers. There were 21 representatives of gentlemen, all for the purpose of adopting Specific Rules and Laws related to Healthy Golfing. Those people could not even dream of what they actually started, but it was enough that they were all passionate about golf.