History of golf

Learn about the history and development of golf sport (Part 3)

The timing of the golf sport always attracted many different perspectives. Researchers constantly give arguments and evidence, but it is difficult to confirm exactly when, where golf appears.

It is argued that Golf comes from the game of shepherds. While driving their sheep to eat, they used a stick with a big end to hit the round pebble away, and they competed against each other to see who hit the furthest and most accurate stone. 

On the other hand, it is argued that golf at that time was everyone’s game; the Scottish poor often played on public grounds. In general, Golf is just a messy pastime.

The development of golf sport

In the 17th century, golf became a recreational sport in Great Britain. In 1860, the first British Open was held and is still maintained today. This sport started to spread around the world. The US also caught the wave and decided to develop golf. The first 18-hole golf course in the US was built at the Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Illinois in 1893.  

The governing bodies began to be established as the United States Golf Association (USGA) in 1894, then the Professional Golf Association of America (America) in 1916.

Golf became a sport that attracted many viewers in the US in the 1920s

Golf became a sport that attracted many viewers in the US in the 1920s and has been popular ever since. With the marketing and television broadcast, golf is increasingly popular and known all over the world.

Important events and landmarks of Golf and Golf in the world

The first evidence of Golf’s existence still to this day is Archbishop Hamilton’s 1552 yearbook. 

The oldest golf course in the world is The Old Link in Musselburgh, which was put into use in 1567.

In 1754, founded the Golf Association named St. Andrews (R&A), becoming one of the two most powerful golf clubs in golf. 

In 1914, there were 1801 clubs established in England. This was also the period when Golf spread around the world.

In 1894, the American Golf Federation (abbreviated USGA) was born.

In the late 19th century, Golf was established in the United States.

History of golf

Learn about the history and development of golf sport (Part 2)

The oldest remaining golf tournament, and also the first major, The Open Championship, made its debut on 17 October 1860 at Prestwick golf club in Ayrshire, Scotland with the first major championships in about the Scottish people. Two Scots from Dunfermline, John Reid, and Robert Lockhart, first performed golf in the United States in 1888.

Other theories about the origin of golf

Historians still dispute the true origins of the ancient ball and stick sport around the world.


In the old Dutch language, there was the word “kolf”, which is believed to be the origin of “golf”. The Dutch believe that they played this game from the early 14th century.

In the old Dutch language, there was the word “kolf”, which is believed to be the origin of “golf”

Accordingly, the people of this town played four “holes” in total, with a total length of 4950 yards. The kolf’s play gear is very similar to early Scottish golf. There is a leather ball and a long wooden club with a metal tip.

In addition, the Netherlands also has the game “Chole”. This is a team game. The player use an oak ball and a wooden stick with an iron tip to hit a target with great distance. The goal of the game is not fixed. It can be a tree, a stone, a door, a tower… or whatever the player likes.

As trading partners of each other, it is entirely possible that golf was imported to Scotland by the Dutch and welcomed by the host country.


Stick and ball games are as early as 2600 BC in central Egypt, with tombs with pictures and reliefs showing men with sticks and balls. The name of this ancient Egyptian game is still unknown, but it is believed that it was probably introduced to the Mediterranean through commercial transactions.


In ancient Rome, people used to play Paganica (or Paganicus). The tool consists of a wooden ball or feather (approximately 5.5 inches in diameter) hit with curved wooden sticks. Paganica’s goal is to hit the ball on a designated target, a rock or tree.

When the Roman empire invaded Europe in the first century, their ball game spread, and popular sports even spread to the northern countries.

History of golf

Learn about the history and development of golf sport (Part 1)

Golf is a long-established sport and attracts many players around the world, especially business people. However, not all of us fully understand the origins and history of golf.

What is Golf?

Golf, also known as golf, is a sport in which a player uses a variety of clubs to hit a small hole on the golf course with as few hits as possible.

Golf does not require a standardized playing area, unlike most other ball games. The game is played on a field arranged in a predetermined cycle of 09 or 18 holes (or holes). Each hole on the course is accompanied by a teeing ground, and a putting green includes the hole.

In between the two areas above are other standard terrain types such as the fairway (the area between the tee box and putting green), rough (long grass), sandpit, and obstacles (water, rocks, brush). However, each hole on the field has a different design and layout.

In golf, there are many forms of competition, in which two popular forms of competition that when the names of golfers are mentioned are playing against (Match Play) and stroke play (Stroke Play). Besides that, there are also Stableford forms and two popular forms of team competition are Foursome and Fourball.

What country does golf come from?

Referring to the origins of golf, most people think that this sport has been around since the 15th century in Scotland. According to some historians, at first, golf was banned because the government feared that the men were too engrossed in golf and neglected to practice archery to participate in the defense of the country. Later, King James IV lifted the ban in 1502 when he became a golfer himself.

Many people think that this sport has been around since the 15th century in Scotland

A scene from the Golf Book, circa 1540, shows a game that bears a resemblance to golf today, for example hitting a ball down the hole with a club with a curved tip.

For many golfers, the Old Course at St Andrews, a links-style golf course dating back to 1574, is considered the mecca of golf. In 1764, the standard 18-hole golf course was introduced in St Andrews when the members renovated the course from 22 holes to 18 holes.

A golf competition took place at Musselburgh Links, East Lothian, Scotland on March 2, 1672. Musselburgh Links is also certified by Guinness as the oldest golf course in the world.

Golf tips

How important is fitness for golfers and tips to improve fitness

For golf players, fitness is essential for you to have powerful and accurate shots. The role of power in golf is so important that professional golfers always need a fitness coach to help them achieve their best health.

How many times have you finished the first 9 holes already feeling tired? If you regularly show that your fitness is not really in the best state.

The importance of fitness to golfers

Golfing requires incredible skills and endurance. In addition to concentrating on your thoughts, you also need hand-eye coordination, balance, and patience.

The goal of fitness training with a golfer is to build a basic swing and reduce the risk of injury. A swing in golf requires full-body movement through continuous, repetitive rotation, using considerable body strength.

If a golfer cannot do a swing, then all the lessons and practice become meaningless and it will be very difficult to develop.

Fitness plays an important role in whether you can hit a shot correctly or not

The wrong swing can also lead to injury, and mostly affects the lower back. Practicing with many mistakes will accumulate and gradually damage the muscles, joints, and spine. A good swing is to use moderate force according to your body’s stamina.

Fitness plays an important role in whether you can hit a shot correctly or not

The element of flexibility is often misused when it comes to swing movement. A swing in golf requires flexibility. A lot of people often misinterpret that they are not flexible enough to fully achieve the full range of motion when in fact they are not strong enough and strong enough to go through the range of motion required.


Practicing to have the best fitness while playing Golf is extremely important. As long as you are not strong enough, not flexible enough, your ability to hit the ball and move will decrease a lot no matter how good your skill is.


Collin Morikawa as the young champion of the PGA Championship

In addition to a bonus of over $ 1 million, Morikawa will receive a lifetime right to join the PGA Championship.

Very passionate golf, Stephen Curry – star of the Golden States Warriors basketball club was also present today and even wanted to caddy for Morikawa.

When Collin Morikawa won the championship, where was Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods?

With Dustin Johnson, the question continues to be when for the second major? The golfer leading round 3 did not make too many mistakes on Sunday, he had a record of -2 strokes with 4 birdies and 2 bogeys.

Dustin Johnson failed to reach her second major title

The reason that Dustin Johnson was unable to reach his second major title besides Morikawa’s excellence. Besides, playing safely made him miss many birdies opportunities to compete for the championship and comes second with -11 strokes.

Also having this achievement is Paul Casey, the 43-year-old UK golfer who has gone through 64 major tournaments and has also participated in the major tournaments. At that time, there was a chance to win the first major of his career.

A Byeong-hun in hole 11 has received a lot of congratulations from all the golfers, as he got his first hole in one since golf.

What about Tiger Woods? The good news is that you hit the stick in this last round. The 47-year-old golfer’s Sunday feel is much better, good flag-approaching hits, birdie putt has a better feel. This is a good signal for Tiger Woods to continue entering the next tournaments after the PGA Championship.

Morikawa said three months ago that he certainly cannot compare to golf legends like Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods, but just to mention it means he is doing well!

Collin Morikawa – media inspiration for the world press

Collin Morikawa’s victory at the PGA Championship golf has impressed golf fans around the world, giving him a memorable career milestone and of course, also became the inspiration of the media nowadays.


Collin Morikawa won the major PGA Championship 2020 at the age of 23

Winning the PGA Championship at the age of 23, Collin Morikawa has now made world golf fans remember his name!

When tournaments at the PGA tour returned after the translation break, Collin Morikawa was one of the golfers who had a pretty good rhythm, the 23-year-old golfer who won the Charity Workday title not long ago. At that time, many golfers on the tour knew Morikawa’s formidability, and after what he showed in the final round of the PGA Championship, all golf fans of the world had to memorize this name!

Entering the second major tournament in his golf career that lasted just over a year, Collin Morikawa got -1, -1, and -5 strokes through the first three rounds, respectively. Achievement -7 strokes, 2 strokes less than lead golfer Dustin Johnson. However, Morikawa hasn’t been among the names that are expected to explode in round 4.

Collin Morikawa as the new star of world golf

Morikawa’s first 2 Birdies in holes 3 and 4 were just the beginning. The American golfer then played cautiously to experience the next 5 holes with a par, the last 9 holes were when he exploded. That was the time when round 4 went through 3/4 time, and the names of the top golfers on the rankings kept changing with the number of up to 9.

Coming to hole 16, Morikawa was with golfer Paul Casey with -11 strokes. At the 294 yards long par-4, Morikawa’s caddy advised that the safe option was to use an iron for the kick, but the 23-year-old turned down and used the driver. This pick brings great pressure, as the 16th green is hard to reach and just one mistake could make him fall behind.

The shot was then perfectly executed with a length of 278 yards, with the ball flying from left to right rolling toward the flag at a favorable distance. This putt eagle in hole 16 is a historic moment, thereby helping Collin Morikawa get -13 strokes, officially winning the PGA Championship.

A lot of achievements have been made after this title. It is becoming the fourth golfer after Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy had his first major at the age of 23.


Justin Thomas won FedEx St. Jude Invitational in Memphis

Justin Thomas won the PGA Tour with a $ 10.5 million prize fund in Memphis. Thomas won at -13, earned $ 1.82 million, and from third jumped to the top of the world table (OWGR).

But before that, the American golfer had a big disadvantage in the score after 54 holes. At that time, he was four strokes below Brendon Todd’s top-12 table, and An Byeong Hun, Rickie Fowler, and Brooks Koepka followed in turn by a decreasing stroke. Thomas teamed up with famous player Phil Mickelson.

In the last two holes, Thomas kept par and reached the finish line at -13, and Koepka birdie and double bogey should be three strokes. This is the 13th PGA Tour title of the 27-year-old star. Since 1960, he is one of the three youngest golfers to reach this milestone, behind only Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

Koepka lost the title because of a decline in the last three holes

Thomas peaked at OWGR on May 13, 2018, and held this position for four weeks. He won the major PGA Championship 2017, FedEx Cup, received the double title of “Excellent Golfer” in the same year of the PGA Tour and the American Professional Golf Association (PGAA).

Koepka finished T2 at -10 with Berger, Lewis, and 50-year-old Phil Mickelson. Each person in this group receives $ 695,000.

Unfortunately, it happened again with Todd. In the Travelers Championship near the end of June, Todd kept the top of the table after 54 holes, but hit 75 strokes in the round and finished T11.

The same happened this week, but Todd came in the last T15, receiving $ 131,000. This group also has Rickie Fowler. Due to hitting 73 sticks through the last 18 holes, An Byeong Hun fell 10 steps, to the T12 group at -8, getting $ 166,666. On that one step is the T6 group of six people, earning 268,333 USD.

Golf in the UK

The strategy of European Tour to keep safe from COVID-19 pandemic

The European Tour reopened on July 22 and applied the principle of “comrades” in the fence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first tournament to follow the new schedule is the British Masters, with a prize fund of $ 1.4 million at the Close House in Newcastle. This is one of six closed tournaments in the United Kingdom that lasts until the end of August.

During this time, the participants will have to follow the “friendly rules”. Besides, they have to use medical examination measures like tests, temperature measurements, and medical claims. Accordingly, each individual is asked to pair up to move, work, relax, and eat during the event. The golfer and caddy will form a group.

Whether standing near other groups in the waiting area or hotel, the golfers must keep a safe distance. They are only allowed to sit at the table with their comrades. As explained by the European Tour, the pairing strategy will assist in localizing the object. It also avoids having to isolate the majority if a positive case is found.

Golf and caddy will pair up to ensure safety at the European Tour

European Tour and F1 are two international sporting events that are allowed by the UK government. As part of a crowded event, the European Tour series is more strictly controlled than other local sports, such as English Premier League football.

The Golfer is planning three events in a series of six home tournaments. All venues are only three hours away by car.

In the first round of the British Masters, David Law of Scotland hit 64 strokes and took the top of the table at -7. Having fought professionally since 2011, Law has just won a title at the European Tour, at the Victoria Open 2019.

Less than one stroke of Law is group T2 consisting of Oliver Fisher, Renato Paratore, and Garrick Porteous. Pepperell reaches -4 in the T9 group. Chairing the competition and competition, former world number one Lee Westwood hit 71 sticks and belonged to the T50 group at the bottom of the board.

Defending champion Marcus Kinhult stood T29 with a score of -2. Last year, he was crowned at -16, earning US $ 670,000 in a reward fund of US $ 3.5 million.


Rolex Rankings changes the way the points are calculated

The world professional women’s golf rankings adjust the scoring method, ensuring fairness when reflecting the golfer’s performance during the season.

Under the new method, announced today, July 20, individual points and points divisor only change when golfers play. If not played, these two parameters stand still so as not to affect the individual score in the standard cycle of 104 consecutive weeks.

In contrast, the position on the rankings each week will fluctuate, because of the score collected in the tournament. Therefore, the chances of improving points and positions are proportional to the number of entries in the “innovation” mechanism.

The new adjustment

Rolex Rankings management is trying to help golfers who are not at a disadvantage in terms of rankings due to scheduling fluctuations or reluctance to compete during the season. The new adjustment also aims to prevent the risk of losing a position arising from the old calculation.

The traditional Rolex Rankings scoring formula is based on a 104-week cycle. In it, it includes the main parameters such as total cumulative points in the cycle and the divisor. The divisor is determined by the number of tournaments attended with a minimum of 35 tournaments.

The Rolex Rankings has been frozen by professional golf since mid-March. This ranking recognizes a total of 10 tournament systems in countries and territories such as the US, Europe, China, Japan, and Australia and is guaranteed. sponsored by two world golf management organizations, Royal & Ancient (R&A) and the American Golf Association (USGA).

The LPGA Tour is scheduled to start again from July 31st with the Drive On Championship sealed event in Ohio. This is also the only member among the rest to determine the time of opening. Because of the general obscure status, the Rolex Rankings Administration has not been able to determine the deadline to reopen the old calculation.

This ranking was released in February 2006, with two adjustments, and has been operating stably since April 2007.


Ryder Cup 2020 has been postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic

The disease progressed complicatedly, causing the Ryder Cup Organizing Committee to postpone the male team golf competition between the US and Europe to 2021.

This announcement was made during a press conference co-hosted by the American Professional Golf Association (PGAA), European and PGA Tour.

The decision to postpone Ryder Cup 2020

In recent weeks, international media, based on private sources, have suggested that the possibility of postponement of the tournament is high, while the Organizing Committee has calculated a secret plan. However, they then confirmed to stop implementing this year’s award. This was after a meeting with the US Department of Disease Control (CDC), Wisconsin state government.

Due to the disease, the Ryder Cup will switch to playing in odd years, at least until 2037. This decision will certainly be welcomed by many stars on both sides. Captain Steve Stricker and Padraig Harrington both expressed agreement.

Last month, Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka also called for a postponement of the award due to disease concerns and the stance of “no fan, Ryder Cup no longer a Ryder Cup”. At that time, CEO Seth Waugh himself also agreed with this view, though still favoring the ability to expedite the resolution. And when he announced the postponement, he repeated it.

Initially, the 43rd Ryder Cup Week is expected to take place in the city of Kohler, Wisconsin from September 22-27. In the new plan, the venue is unchanged. Meanwhile, the time frame for the event is September 21 to September 26, 2021.

As a result, subsequent competitions are periodically held every two years. The two teams rotate as hosts, which will take place in the odd year, at least until 2037.

Then the organization managing the American professional arena also had to reschedule its own schedule for the Wells Fargo Championship. The tournament will still be playing at the traditional Quail Hollow yard next year.

However, the 2022 term must make way for the Presidents Cup. The event temporarily moved to TPC Potomac for a year, then returned to Quail Hollow in 2023.

Refund for tickets

Those who bought tickets to the Whistling Straits this year can reserve until next year. PGAA will contact you directly and issue a refund for tickets purchased directly from the official channel. Apart from this, the buyer must contact the seller.