History of golf

Learn about the first women’s golf tournament in the world

According to documented records, the first golf tournament for women golfers starting 9 January 1811 was held on the eighteen-hole course of Musselburgh, East Lothian. The winner at that year’s golf tournament was a creel and shawl battle. The runner-up position received two handkerchiefs from Barcelona.

When the first tournament took place, everyone was surprised. Standing in front of the ball was not a tall, solid man, but a soft, feminine, and strong image in the swing. The witness was really amazed by the feminine beauty in proud poses.

Who was the first famous female golfer?

The story of golf among women does not close there. The world it is recorded that the first female golfer is Mary. She was Queen of Scotland who ruled Scotland from 1542 to 1569. Mary is also credited as the creator of the Caddy term, derived from the “cadets” she used when referring to her assistants.

The world it is recorded that the first female golfer is Mary

At this time, for the golf session, the famous St Andrew Links golf course was built. Also from here, the golf door officially opened for women conquering amateur golf tournaments for women first held in the UK and America in 1893 and 1895 respectively.

The challenge for early female golfers

It can be seen that the way for women to golf is somewhat narrower than men. Golf was born in the 15th century in Scotland. However, until the 21st century in countries with very early development economies like England, America, Japan … women are still treated unequally on golf courses.

At that time, many clubs and tournaments refused female golfers to register even without tickets for female golfers. The bonus funding for female golfers in professional playgrounds is also more disadvantaged than men’s tournaments. The audience, sponsor, and media interest in women’s leagues have always been more modest than men’s.

In 2008, American prodigy Michelle Wie had eight times to participate in the professional men’s golf tournaments (PGA) at the age of 18, then in 2012, the most prestigious golf club in the United States Augusta National accepted for the first time. Accepting American members as former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, ending 80 years of history of only admitting men.

Overcoming so many ups and downs in history, women have become an indispensable part of golf. And even more excited when the names Sophie Horn, Maria Verchenova, Anna Rawson, Michelle Wie have become golf legends.

History of golf

Some interesting facts about golf history that you probably did not know

Golf is a subject with a long history. It represents an aristocratic sport and of course, there are many interesting stories around. Here are things about golf history that you may not know.

Golf was played on the moon

In February 1971, Apollo 14 landed on the moon, astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball with a 6 iron, and he could only hit with one hand due to his bulky suit. The other sport to be performed on a visit to the Moon is javelin throwing.

The golf ball and javelin are still on the moon right now. At the end of 2006, Russian astronaut Mijail Tiurin became the first person on earth to perform the Drive in space.

Golf was played on the moon

The highest golf course in the world

The highest golf course in the world at 14,335 feet (4.3km) above sea level. The golf course is the Tactu Golf Club located in Morococha, Peru. Among many famous golfers, Samuel Jackson has to mention – he has a special clause in all of his Film contracts that he must play golf twice a week. Also, Samuel is very busy tending to his snakes.

There was no concept of tee in golf before

Golfers often put a small dune up to make a kick. It wasn’t until the 20s when tee officials were discovered that it was widely used ever since. Tiger Woods is considered Mozart’s musical prodigy because he was 6 years old when he scored Hole In One.

Babe Zaharias was the first female golfer to pass a cut at the PGA TOUR event

Babe Zaharias hit 76 and 81 in the first two rounds of the Los Angeles Open. Augusta National Golf Club, one of the most famous golf courses in the world, closed for 3 years due to the 2nd world war. The golf course had to become a livestock and poultry farm to serve the resistance.

St Andrew’s golf course is not the oldest golf course

People often mistake the St Andrew’s golf course in Scotland as the oldest golf course in the world. But according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest golf course is the Musselburgh Links golf course, which was established in 1672. But another evidence shows that the Queen Mary of Scotland played golf here as early as 1567.

Golf in the UK

English golfer Callum Shinkwin won his first European Tour title

English golfer Callum Shinkwin won his first European Tour title after beating rival Kalle Samooja in a dramatic final at the Cyprus Open.

Callum Shinky won the championship

After England golfer Ross McGowan’s first win after 11 years of waiting last week, it was his 27-year-old country golfer Callum Shinkwin’s turn to take the top spot with a hit with incredible ball-to-hole proportions is one in a million occurrence. This is a shot that Shinkwin scored the eagle from a distance of 54 feet (more than 16m) and sent the ball straight into the hole.

This shot helped Callum Shinkwin enter the play-offs and eventually beat Finnish golfer Kalle Samooja in extra time to champions the tournament at the Aphrodite Hills Cyprus Open. Callum Shinkwin played very successfully as an amateur golfer thanks to his victories with Carris Trophy, English Amateur, and became a member of England & CH Ireland to attend the Walker Cup team match.

Callum Shinkwin’s victory after years of training

Since turning to professional golf, Callum Shinkwin has not won a single title. That is the driving force that helps the English golfer always play with the mentality of having to win. Finally, after 7 years of waiting, Callum Shinkwin has picked the fruit in the Cyprus Open 2020 of the European Tour system.

Callum Shinkwin won the European Tour title for the first time in his career

On the last day of the competition, Callum Shinkwin won 8 sound sticks and became the best golfer. As a result, Callum Shinkwin equalized the score with Kalle Samooja when both had -20 strokes. They have to go into the play-off series to find the champion.

Callum Shinkwin’s victory became even more sweet and memorable when rival Kalle Samooja put the ball up to the green very close to the hole with a distance of 3 feet but put out. While at a double distance, Callum Shinkwin succeeded in getting the ball into the hole.

The victory at the Aphrodite Hills Resort golf course helped Callum Shinkwin get a prize of 1 million euros and rise to the 51st position in the Race to Dubai rankings.

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Attendance of the 5 most famous golfers in the world today

In the golf sports village, no one is unaware of the names of these 5 golfers. Their popularity and success earned them numerous awards and lucrative project or advertising deals. Together, constructing the  5 most impressive fairies golf course in the golf village:

Dustin Johnson

The golfer was born in 1984 American, Dustin Johnson is a professional athlete in the village of American Golf. At the moment, he is ranked as the number 1 golfer in the world at the Official World Golf Ranking.

Currently, Dustin Johnson plays for the PGA Tour – this is the golf tournament with the highest prize money in the world. At the PGA Tour, Dustin Johnson was always one of the 5 best golfers in 10 consecutive years from 2006 to 2017, which took the lead once in 2015. Internationally, Dustin Johnson has also won many important awards such as winning the US Open.

Jason Day

Jason Day was born in 1987, an Australian athlete currently plays at the PGA Tour. The achievements that Jason Day has received during his golf course are as follows.

Jason Day was born in 1987, an Australian athlete currently plays at the PGA Tour

June 2011 entered the Top 10 in the World Golf Ranking after winning second prize at the US Open. In September 2015, Jason Day became the champion of the major PGA Championship. Reach a record of -20 strokes in another major. Not only that, Jason Day has won 2 times the World Golf Championship WGC.

Tiger Woods

The list of the 5 most famous golfers in the world is not to mention Tiger Woods. He is one of the highest-earning athletes in the world for many years. By the time he was 20, he turned to play professional golf.

With the achievement of winning 3 PGA Tour and major Masters 1997 prizes. And ranking Top 1 in the world golf rankings after less than 1 year of changing to professional golf. Not only that, he took this position for a total of 683 weeks, more than anyone else. Tiger Woods won a total of 18 major tournaments.

Henrik Stenson

Henrik Olof Stenson (b. 1976) is a Swedish professional golfer, playing at both the PGA Tour and the European Tour (tour of Europe). He was the first Thuy Dien to win a major men’s major. And achieve a record score of -20 at the 2016 Open Championship (equal to Jason Day in 2015)

Jordan Spieth

America is the cradle of many young and talented golfers. And Jordan Spieth is also a name that many people mention when he ranked No. 1 in the world on the Official World Golf Ranking and has won 3 major awards so far.

History of golf

Little-known facts about the oldest golf tournament in history (Part 2)

Golf course

From 1860 to 1870 it was held at the Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. The Open was held in Scotland, northwest England, and southeast England with the same stadium in Northern Ireland.

In the current system of The Open, there are 10 courts: 5 Scotland, 4 England, and 1 Northern Ireland. Recently, Old Couse held Open every 5 years and the rest of the golf courses open more or less every 10 years.

In 2014, The R&A announced that Royal Portrush would return in October 2015 and that Portrush would be the host of The Open 2019.

Major milestones at The Open Championship

On 17/10/1860 the first match took place at Prestwick Golf Club – Scotland with 8 golfers competing in 3 rounds of 12 holes in a single day.

In 1971, the tournament was canceled due to the lack of prizes.

In 1892 the tournament increased from 36 holes to 72 holes or 4 rounds of 18 holes.

From 1890 – 1930, The Open was dominated by professional athletes, with only 6 amateurs taking the throne during this period.

In 1946 The Open welcomed the first American champion in post-World War II.

The champion of this tournament in 1947 was Fred Daly of Northern Ireland.

In 1948 – 1958 The Open was dominated by Commonwealth golfers, with golfers from Australia and South Africa winning eight championships.

1953 The Open held a competition at the American Carnoustie golfer won the championship that year.

1960 The start of the “Big Three” era in professional golf.

In 1966, 1970, and 1978, Golfer Nicklaus finished second seven times and had 16 top five at The Open.

Golfer John Daly won the championship in 1995.

In 2000 – 2005 Tiger Woods won 3 championships.

2006 Golfer Hoylake who holds the championship The Open

The 2007 – 2008 year

In 2013 golfer Phil Mickelson won the Open Championship for the first time at Muirfield.

In 2015 the match took place at Old Course at St Andrew’s golfer Zach Johnson won by the payoff

The 2018 Open Championship is the 147th tournament to be held at the Carnoustie Golf Links in Angus, Scotland. This is the 8th time that the Open Championship tournament has been played at Carnousetie.

In 2019 for the first time since 1951, The Open took place at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland. The Open Championship is considered to be among the six most prestigious tournaments in the world.

Golf in the UK

Little-known facts about the oldest golf tournament in history (Part 1)

The British Open is the oldest name on the list of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. The first golf tournament took place on October 17, 1960, in Scotland, UK. Since its inception, this golf tournament has been held alternately on the Scottish, Northern Ireland, and British courts.

Open Championships World Golf Tournament

The Open is a 72-hole stroke play over four days from Thursday to Sunday. After 36 holes, the organizers will eliminate players so that only 70 people are leading. If 72 holes can not found the owner of the championship cup, it will proceed to the play-off round. If a draw continues, a live play will be played until a winner.

The world’s top professional golfers champions from amateur leagues or excellent results from the new qualifiers qualify to compete in this prestigious tournament.

The Open Championship is also known as The Open and British Open. This is the oldest tournament among the four Major tournaments of the professional golfer world, held for the first time in the UK and the only major tournament outside the United States.

The tournament took place first October 17, 1860, at Prestwick Golf Club with 8 professional golfers competing in 3 rounds of the 12-hole golf course in a single day.

Features of The Open Championship

The tournaments are held at the golf courses adjacent to the coast (Link courses) and these courses often present many challenges for golfers due to the extreme weather conditions.

Trophies and medals in The Open history

1860 – 1870 Challenge Belt was awarded to the champion.

In 1872 Young Tom Morris’s first champion was engraved on the trophy.

From the tournament in 1872, the champion was awarded a gold medal before Claret Jug was born.

In 1872 bronze medals were awarded to all the professional golfers who attended the final round.

Mode of competition

The Open is a 72 hole stroke play golf tournament. It takes place over 4 days from Thursday to Sunday (Since 1979 the tournament took place on Friday and Tuesday of July). In the rounds after hole 36, only 70 leading golfer achievements remained.

If after 72 holes the champions have not been determined, golfers will enter the 4-hole playoff series to calculate the total performance if they still draw the golfers entering the live series until the champions are found.

History of golf

Interesting things about the oldest golf tournament in the world

The Open Championship is also known as The Open or British Open is the oldest tournament of professional golf. When is this tournament and what’s special? Let’s find out with Golf Group in this article!

The history of The Open Championship

The first Open Championship took place on October 17, 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland, UK. The tournament is held in the form of a link cour se, which is also a unique feature of this tournament. The yards adjacent to the coast, coupled with extreme weather conditions, often present many challenges for golfers.

In the history of golf, the first tournament attracted eight professional golfers. Initially, the prize went to the champion of the tournament was the Challenge Belt, a leather belt with silver buckle. Countries with high performance at The Open can be mentioned as America with 44 championships; Then comes Scottland with 41 times and is third in England with 22 times.

In the history of golf, the first tournament attracted eight professional golfers

Mode of competition

The Open is a 72-hole stroke play golf tournament that runs  over four days, Thursday through Sunday. Since 1979 the interpretation takes place on the 6th and 3rd of July.

Currently, the tournament has 156 golfers participating, mainly the top professional golfers in the world along with the champions of the amateur tournaments. The remaining spots are awarded to golfers, both amateur and professional, with good performance in the qualifiers.

After 36 holes, the organizers will remove the golfer so that only the top 70 (including those who are equal to the last in the next group) will play the remaining 36 holes on the weekend. If after 72 holes the champions cannot be identified, golfers will enter the 4-hole playoff series to calculate the total score. In the case of a tie, the golfers enter the live competition until they find the champion.

Trophies and medals in The Open history

In 1870, golfer Young Tom Morris was awarded the permanent belt for winning three consecutive years. In 1872 Young Tom Morris first champion was engraved on the trophy. From the tournament in 1872 the champion was awarded a gold medal before Claret Jug was born.

In 1949 his medal was awarded to an amateur golfer. In 1872 bronze medals were awarded to all the professional golfers who  attended the final round.

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Top 5 most famous and reputable golf clubs in the world (Part 3)

Grand Prix club company was introduced to the public in 1998. Over a long way, this club has always asserted its leading position.

This club is popular to amateur and professional golfers. Professional golfer Kozue Azuma took the throne in the men’s Pro Tournament using the Grand Prix, and with this same set, in 2005, golfer Jan Easy and Yangu Nan won the championship in various tournaments.

Grand Prix golf club

The outstanding advantage of this line is that it is a pioneer in technological innovation, constantly innovating to meet the increasing demands of users. In particular, golf club experts appreciate the company’s golf club specifications.

golf club experts appreciate the company’s golf club specifications

How to choose the right golf club brand?

Each club has its unique characteristics and gives players a different experience. If you are wondering which club to choose to stick with, here is the advice.

Choosing which brand of clubs depends on your preferences, technical level of golf, and your physical condition.

Currently, clubs always pay attention to new beginners. They produce a wide range of products for beginners, with the most suitable specifications. Japanese clubs such as Homa Golf, Mizuno.

This club is usually light, has a suitable technical opening. Especially, it always produces many product lines for beginners, with appropriate parameters. Men can choose the Mizuno RV-5, women can choose the Mizuno EFIL set.

If golfers have good health and skillful golfing technique, they can keep an eye on the clubs of Taylormade, Grand Prix…


Above are Top 5 reputable clubs that are trusted by golfers at home and abroad. Hopefully, you will soon attract the satisfactory club set to be ready to go to the golf course to conquer golf rounds and have interesting experiences with golf clubs from world-famous brands.

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Top 5 most famous and reputable golf clubs in the world (Part 2)

Honma Golf club

Currently, there are 3 sets of Honma golf clubs that are loved but not everyone can easily own, they are 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star Honma clubs.

The 3-star Honma club set includes 13 sticks of lightweight, the ability to speed at the tip of the club still ensures the longest ball distance. Besides, with the 5-piece structure of the 3-star Honma club, it is concentrated in the force, the thickness is different in the net, the club side.

And the 4-star Honma cane set costs up to 500 million. This is a line of sticks manufactured exclusively from Japanese technology with meticulous machining design. The Honma 5-star golf club set is currently considered the most expensive golf club set in the world.

The 5-star golf club set includes 14 clubs of all kinds. All the ends of the Honma set are covered with platinum and gold. In the UK, Honma sticks are popular with many people, but with high prices, not everyone has the opportunity to use them.

Mizuno Golf Club

Like Honma Golf, Mizuno is a brand from the country of the rising sun. Although Mizuno does not have as many customers as the Callaway clubs, she always knows that customers “keep” those customers.

Like Honma Golf, Mizuno is a brand from the country of the rising sun

Mizuno applies state-of-the-art technology to the manufacturing process and produces a series of clubs that are not only attractive for their eye-catching appearance but also with precise specifications that contribute to impressive shots on the pitch.

Among the lines that Mizuno is launching on the market, the MP and EZ JPX are two new versions of the golfer sought.

TaylorMade golf club

When it comes to TaylorMade golfer does not regret the praise for this golf club brand. To win the hearts of golfers, this club has each released new models or improved versions. Along with that, the outstanding design of the pack from this company is a large sweet spot, straight trajectory, the structure is made of high-quality materials.

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Top 5 most famous and reputable golf clubs in the world (Part 1)

In recent years, the golfing trend has flourished, leading to the development of the golf club market. In particular, famous clubs such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Honma Golf, Mizuno, Grand Prix… have always been in the sights of golfers around the world.

Currently, there are many golf clubs on the market, so when deciding to change golf clubs, golfers often struggle when making decisions to buy clubs between firms. For that reason, today Golf Viet will inform golfers of the world’s prestigious clubs that are always the first choice.

Callaway golf clubs

Always leading the list of favorite club brands must include the Callaway golf club line. A set of Callaway clubs featured Driver, Irons and Hybrid clubs, combined with Putter Odyssey. The combination of these clubs creates the perfect set of golf clubs that are suitable for all golfers.

Leading the list of favorite club brands must include the Callaway golf club line

Callaway golf club company was founded in 1982 and currently holds market share of golf clubs in 70 countries around the world. Notably, in 2019, Callaway Clubs created a whirlwind with Irons. The Apex 2019 club line offers a smoother golf experience than ever.

With 1025 light carbon steel golf club handle material that makes a pleasing sound, the urethane molecular rays contain more than 1 million small airbags to help reduce unwanted shock when impacted on the surface of the club.

Honma Golf club

Not less than Callaway, Honma Golf always shows users the difference in each golf club. What makes this club company when points with golfer must mention the ability to support good, in light. Along with that, Honma Golf also has an attractive appearance, helping players to exude luxury and class.

Honma golf was established in 1959 and now has become a foothold club company in the world, always following professional athletes participating in major tournaments, because golfers believe with crafting technology. Exquisite, this club maker will deliver precise shots.